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by by71763-ovh on 14 février 2016 Commentaires fermés sur EDIKOM

For Science’s Celebration 2014, the communications agency Edikom set up interactive, fun and educational experiences that have been very popular with the younger generation, using RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) 3D printed objects and a hologram. When removing this object on an RFID sensor holographic, a 3D animation appears in a glass pyramid to demonstrate to the apprentice archaeologist the context of discovery and support the exchange with real archaeologists.

ICPS was requested to reconstitute an archaeological object from originals that were previously drawn using a 3D drawing software. Of these, ICPS printed arrowheads and spears to insert NFC / RFID chips. These chips with their unique code are then identified on the holographic projector in Holusion, France. Thus, the presented object or an animation is shown as a 3D projected hologram. It is therefore possible to give an attractive and memorablepresentation to the public, with the reconstituted object as its center piece. Many opportunities present themselves particularly in the context of public awareness of safeguarding heritage.